I have chosen to divide it into four large parts. I work with acrylic paint and acrylic paste on canvas. The mixed media collages are mainly in paper.
If you are interested in one or more specific works or would like to collaborate with my works in your exhibition, please contact me


Captured silence 

The moment your smile fades and your words end. With the next breath, the silence in your being becomes clear. That's the moment I write with my paint.


Fading away

The images of long lost moments and people disappaer from our memory. The closer you try to see, the more vague they get. I capture what they have left in my mind

Golden essence

Scars give depth, they let us grow and shine even brighter than a golden star. The structure on the canvas reflect the scars, the hair in bright gold as it was a crown to celebrate their essence of being, the essence of vulnerability

Paper express

pieces of paper, painted or drawn, pieces of photos come together to form a story. I make these for myself but also on request. Do you want to portray your story in an original way? Please contact me